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The Lois Beer Club

Viewing life through the bottom of a Pilsner Glass

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Kurt  O.    Tired-ish

Tracy S.     Cranky

Jeff  D.       Third Wind

Emily D.     Dreading Monday


First Impressions


Mel        You know, I kinda like that…

Tracy     Smooth

Emily     Not too bad

Jeff        Not the total frontal assault of an IPA

Kurt       It hits my tongue funny.  Mel interjects: It hits my tongue just fine.

[Pours beer into glass]  Great head.  Lots of head.  That’s what beer should look like.

It’s a totally different taste in a glass.  Mel interjects: I disagree.




Emily     This is my favorite of all of these fall beers

Tracy     Would totally do this again

Kurt       I would do it again in the glass.  But only if I take it in a glass.  Thank god it’s not in a can.

Mel        [No comment.  Has already gone back to wine.]


Final thoughts


Emily     Being the scribe is no fun.  BUT, this is a delicious beer…the only one since the inception of this club that I have truly enjoyed.



Woodchuck Home Page


Tracy               Happy  ( who would have guessed… editors comment)

Bill S.               Awesome

Shannon         Happy   ( hmmmm sounds kinda familular)

Jeff                  The last beer sucked (Railbender)… This better be good!

Kurt                 Semi -drunk



Tracy             Smooth… Not Too Sweet

Bill  S.           Watery, Little apple taste

Shannon       Nice! Lets go to the Orchard!

Jeff                Tastes like Cider

Kurt               Appley,  a happy place



Tracy             Kinda tasty!   Would purchase this and I appreciate that it is not too sweet!

Bill S.             Not A Fan

Shannon        I need a Bud Lite

Jeff                 Still tastes like Cider

Kurt               Like an overbearing girl from the second grade



Bill S.          Not worth the money (it was free by the way)   2 out of 5

Shannon    OOOOOO – So Good!        4 out of 5

Jeff             If I’m gonna have another, I’ll take mine with Captain Morgan    (no rating)

Tracy          Yuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmy (exact quote )    5 out of 5

Kurt            Bubbley Crap  (sp)       (no rating – comment speaks for it’s self)


Flying Dog Brewery Home Page


Tracy:  Happy (As Usual)

Bill S. : Awesome

Mark P: Still Sober (reluctantly)

Oz: Happy ( Shocking I know)

Jeff : Feeling No Pain

Kurt : Half Drunk


Tracy :  Wow!  Hard! Bitter

Bill S : Citrus / Cloves

Mark P: Sweet

Oz: Still Happy!

Jeff : Definitly a Pale Ale! Caught me off guard after the previous Cider Crap

Kurt :Smells Good   Over Hoppy


Tracy: Tasting Beer is AWESOME…. Raging Bitch – Not So Much

Bill S : Alittle stong on the Citrus/Cloves

Mark P: No After Taste

Oz: I’m going to be F&*%ing hung over tomorrow

Jeff : Love It!!!!

Kurt : Still Bad


Bill S : Not Worth The Money – 3 out of 5

Mark P: I would buy This  – 3 out of 5

Oz: Good 7 out of 10   ( or 3.5 on a 5 point scale )

Jeff :Just keeps getting better!  5 out of 5

Tracy : Thank God it’s Over

Kurt : Better Than hard Cider (not saying much) 2 out of 5

The Brew Kettle Home Page


Tracy     Happy that it’s Friday eve.

Bill          Mood.  Yes.  I have one, I don’t know what it is.

Emily     Content, relaxed

Jeff        Tired but happy


Jeff        Not as bity as I expected.  Very smooth.    ***SCRIBE NOTE:  IS THAT HOW YOU SPELL BITE-Y?  BITEY?  BITY?***

Bill          Oooh, I’m in love.

Tracy     Strong

Emily     Whoa



Jeff        I really like it.  I really like it.  Squared.  Would be very good with a big f#$%ing burger

(Bill interjects) Or a big bleeding streak

Tracy     Not sure.  Not sure that this is a good time

Emily     This is really {struggling for word} um, something?



Jeff        I will buy this whenever I can find it!  And you only need one Cock Push-Up but four of these is all you need.

Bill          I know where to find it, I will buy it.  And do.

Tracy     I will walk past that in a heartbeat.

Emily     And I will sprint.





Tracy     Happy that it’s Friday eve.

Bill          Mood.  Yes.  I have one, I don’t know what it is.

Emily     Content, relaxed

Jeff        Tired but happy



Tracy     Yummy!!

Bill          For a fruit beer, not bad, not too obnoxiously sweet.

Emily     A little weird.  Smells great, though.

Jeff        Strong blueberry but not overpowering.  Sweet.



Tracy     (Opts not to comment, this is the beer she brought for our approval)

Bill          It has a nice aftertaste.

Emily     I agree (see Bill)

Jeff        I could drink more than one of these, I do like it.  I’m not going to lie.



Bill          This is the first fruit beer I can say I actually like.  Most fruit beers I wouldn’t wash my hubcaps with.

Emily*   [Whispering] I don’t need to have this again.  Don’t tell them.

Jeff        I could drink a six-pack of this shit.

Tracy     F%^& yeah I could!! (see Jeff).


*Doesn’t care for blueberry

Railbender Ale Review

Railbender Ale Homepage- Erie Brewing Co.



Bill S.:   Awesome

Monica G : unknown

Kurt : Semi-in the bag

Scott A: Unknown

Jeff: About a 6 pack in

Bill F: unknown



Bill S: &^$%#%   Malt

Monica: Bitter Taste, Bitter Finish

Kurt: Thick, Carmel and Dark

Scott A:  Nasty

Jeff : OK – Smooth,a bit too sweet

Bill F : Not a Fan


Overall Rating……..

Bill S : Good! The Malt stays with it … 3 out of 5

Monica: Don’t like it….  2 out of 5

Kurt : Aroma is better than the taste…    1 out of 5

Scott : Nasty..  Who would drink an entire bottle of this …..?

Jeff : Really not bad!  4 out of 5 or 6

Bill F :  Too Malty and sweet.  2 out of 5







Dogfish Head Punkin Ale Site

Our Moods:

Bill: Drunk and Happy

Tracy: Silly

Melanie: Sleepy

Emily: I Have to go to the bathroom

Jeff: Feeling Awesome

Kurt: Gotta work tomorrow

First Impressions:

Bill: Really um… Not bad a bit spicy

Tracy: Smooth like a pumpkin

Melanie: Tastes like perfume

Emily: Smidgen sweet

Jeff: Good seasonal aroma.  Brown Ale

Kurt: Very Brown


Overall Rating

Bill: I would drink it again

Tracy: I would do this again

Melanie: Still Poopy

Emily: Of all the weird beers I would drink this again

Jeff: 2 out of the 3 times I’ve drank this I’ve liked it 4 times

Kurt : A bit too brown for me