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Viewing life through the bottom of a Pilsner Glass

Category : Cool Beer Products

Christmas Gifts for the Beer Lover

I don’t know about you but there are always a few people on my list for whom choosing gifts is especially difficult.  They either seem to have everything that they could possibly want or I have no idea what to get them.  If you have someone like that on your list who loves beer here are a few gifts that they will certainly enjoy.

1. Buy Them a Beer Online

This works especially well with distant friends. Here’s how it works: You go to a website that offers this service. You buy your friend a beer or pretty much any kind of drink. They are contacted by the site with the news that they now have a credit to go out and have a drink on you. Want to give it a try? Check out YouGotBeer.com or Beer2Buds.com. These sites work quite differently from each other so check them both out.


Beer-of-the-Month-Clubwww.GreatClubs.com/BeerOfTheMonth12-Pack of 4 Unique Brands Monthly. Low Price Guaranteed. $25 Off!

Unique Christmas Giftswww.PersonalizationMall.comPersonalized Gifts For The Holidays With Free Engraving & Fast Delivery

Gourmet Gift Basketswww.GourmetGiftBaskets.comUnique Gift Baskets from $24.99. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Buy Today!

2. Magazines

There are some really good beer magazines out there.
All About Beer, US – Every issue is packed with industry news, articles that study beer in depth, and a ratings section that rates hundreds of beers.
Beer & Brewer, Australia and New Zealand – A quarterly that features industry news, beer & food matching, home brewing tips and beer tasting notes.
Draft, US – This magazine focuses beer drinking culture. Glossier and with a little less depth than the others, it is good for idle thumbing.
Beer Advocate, US – This is the ultimate craft beer lover’s publication from the owners of BeerAdvocate.com.

3. Beer Books

Every year there are new books about beer on the shelves. Here are some recent titles of interest:
Red, White, and Brew by Brian Yaeger – This is an entertaining book about one man’s beer odyssey as he explores the American craft beer scene, one brewery at a time.
Christmas Beer – This wonderful little book features reviews of author Don Russell’s fifty favorite Christmas beers as well as some entertaining histories and anecdotes about Christmas beer.
The Brewmaster’s Table- Perfect for the gourmand beer lover, this book explores the pleasures in the relationship between real beer and real food.

4. Breweriana

Collecting beer memorabilia is something that all beer lovers do at one level or another. Whether it be a labeled pint glass or two from favorite breweries or a rare 19th century bottle from a long gone brewer these items represent brand loyalty, devotion to the brew, and the owner’s particular love of beer. You can find signage, glasses, bottle openers, key-chains, and all sort of other things from you beer lover’s favorite brewery. If the brewery itself doesn’t have a website with items for sale – and most do these days – then you can usually find collectibles from many breweries on EBay.

5. Clothing

Beer themed clothing will also go over well with most beer lovers. Make sure, though, that if you are buying brand specific beer clothing that it is from a brand your beer lover actually likes! Most breweries sell tee shirts and caps. Some also offer pants, jackets, gloves, and pretty much any other article of clothing that you could think of with their logos emblazoned on them.

Homemade Kegerator Ideas

Source: blog.kegerator.com

For those that enjoy drinking draft beers at home, a kegerator is the best idea for getting great-tasting beer. Who can blame them? Kegerators are a sound investment, and they allow you to get a good supply of beer at a lower cost than buying them by the bottle.

Your kegerator is great. It gives you beer, and you drink it. That is your simple, easy relationship with this beer-dispensing god.

But what if your kegerator is lacking that certain look? While having a kegerator is awesome, most today don’t have an innovative design or layout. If you’d love to be able to build a kegerator out of everyday objects or into unique places, then you are in luck: today we’ll be showing you some of the coolest and most innovative homemade kegerators we’ve seen so you can get your creative juices flowing.



This  has to be the craziest bikini idea ever but then who can blame designers for  being crazy. After all, it is this out-of-box thinking on which this fraternity  thrives. So, here is presenting the ‘Bottle Betty’ line of swimwear with, what  else, a ‘bottle opener.’ Yes, so, now if you are looking to open a bottle of  beer or soda while at the beach, all you have to do is strip down to your  swimwear and pop the bottle open. The admiring stares that you get after that  will just be the bonus!


This bikini has taken food and fashion to new heights and it is already being  called all things from “new, bold, innovative” to “sexy, stylish, and fun.” It  was in Valencia, a town just outside the Los Angeles county, which is also the  hometown of the ‘Bottle Betty’ owners, that they got the idea to create the  bottle-opening bikini. When you have to pop bottles right from the backyard  swimming pools to roadside rivers, you may want to have a bottle opener  handy.

The bottle opener lies just  between the breast cups of the bikini top as well as on the hip. So, in case you  want to go topless, you know, you can without the fear of losing out on this ‘facility.’ Speaking in favor of the new product, Co-owner of ‘Bottle Betty’, Michelle Sommers said, “Our Bottle Betty product is meant to be fun from both  ends. Men find the product sexy and inviting and women find the product useful,  stylish, and a great conversation starter.” Her partner, Co-owner Jennifer  Kinney pitches in, “Our research shows the only new in decades within the  swimwear industry has been from design or fabrics. In today’s economy, Bottle  Betty gives the consumer a new spin on swimwear that will entice them to spend  their precious dollar on a new suit.”

Read more at http://www.ifood.tv/blog/is-your-bikini-ready-to-pop#KpchYotLPXTPugCj.99

How it works

Simply place the Beer or Wine Tjiller in your freezer (it reaches it’s coldest temperature in 8 hours, so overnight for best results), take out & enjoy!

Tjiller Home Page

The Tjiller is made from a hard polystyrene outer shell, which acts to insulate an inner-layer of patented gel, which can be cooled to very low temperatures. On the inside of the Tjiller (the part that touches the can, bottle or glass) there is an aluminum membrane, which releases the cold from the gel very slowly, hence why it is able to keep drinks cold for so long (up to 9 hours for the Wine Tjiller). There are other coolers that you can freeze, however, they only last a couple of hours at the most. What’s more, they soak the table with condensation. The Tjiller on the other hand, has zero condensation.

Growler on Board… Who Knew??


With the dawn of the new beer generation, we have more available fresh beer options.  At this point I think even our local BP Station is dispensing tapped beers in in to logo printed growlers.   The difficult situation arises when you try to get them home…  Can’t drink it on the way home and can’t leave it in the trunk to roll around and go flat.

Check this site out…..   Great growler transportation inovation!


Growler on Board