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The Lois Beer Club

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Archive for October, 2012

Spooky Beer for Halloween


Unibroue Maudite This Quebeçois Belgian-style brewery’s Maudite amber ale takes its name from an old legend in which eight woodsmen who wanted to be home for the holidays offered their souls to the devil for a trip back (by way of flying canoe, no less).

Moorhouse’s Black Cat Dark Ale From Lancashire in England, this malty, surprisingly light-bodied dark ale has appealing roasted and chocolate flavors. Plus, it’s got a somewhat dour-looking black cat staring out at you from the label. In truth, the cat looks more disapproving than spooky, but you know – Halloween, black cats. It’s a classic pairing.

Left Coast VooDoo I’d say any label that features a top-hatted skeleton leering over the name of the beer qualifies as on target for Halloween. VooDoo is a pretty potent stout, 8.5% alcohol, darn near black in color, with a lot of coffee and molasses character.

Read the whole story at Eatocracy


Ace Cider Home Page

This seasonal cider from Ace left a lasting impression on most of the Beer Club which resulted in this brief review….

This was a big bubbly orange disappointment.   However, Shelly D. has developed a fondness for this nasty elixir and

thus has inherited all remaining bottles that Lois obtained for testing.   Have at it, I say.

Non Beer News = Kent State Wins!!!

Editors Note-

Beer is about celebration.  We should all bask in each other’s victories… Today David destroyed Goliath…  Drink up, celebrate and enjoy!!!


Kent State captured the program’s first ever win over a nationally-ranked opponent with a stunning 35-23 upset of previously undefeated Rutgers on Homecoming Saturday in Piscataway, N.J.


In 90 years of playing football in Kent, the Golden Flashes were 0-22 against Top-25 teams. Rutgers came into the day ranked No. 15 in the BCS poll, No. 18 by the AP, and owning a sterling 7-0 record that had the Scarlet Knights dreaming of a possible Orange Bowl berth.


After forcing seven turnovers, including six interceptions of Rutgers quarterback Gary Nova, it is Kent State that can now talk comfortably about its chances of playing in the postseason for the first time since 1972.


Last week the Flashes (7-1) were merely bowl eligible. Now they have a Top-25 win to add to their bowl resume

Flying Dog Brewery Home Page


Tracy:  Happy (As Usual)

Bill S. : Awesome

Mark P: Still Sober (reluctantly)

Oz: Happy ( Shocking I know)

Jeff : Feeling No Pain

Kurt : Half Drunk


Tracy :  Wow!  Hard! Bitter

Bill S : Citrus / Cloves

Mark P: Sweet

Oz: Still Happy!

Jeff : Definitly a Pale Ale! Caught me off guard after the previous Cider Crap

Kurt :Smells Good   Over Hoppy


Tracy: Tasting Beer is AWESOME…. Raging Bitch – Not So Much

Bill S : Alittle stong on the Citrus/Cloves

Mark P: No After Taste

Oz: I’m going to be F&*%ing hung over tomorrow

Jeff : Love It!!!!

Kurt : Still Bad


Bill S : Not Worth The Money – 3 out of 5

Mark P: I would buy This  – 3 out of 5

Oz: Good 7 out of 10   ( or 3.5 on a 5 point scale )

Jeff :Just keeps getting better!  5 out of 5

Tracy : Thank God it’s Over

Kurt : Better Than hard Cider (not saying much) 2 out of 5


It’s officially the beginning of the Christmas season for  Cleveland beer lovers. The Great Lakes Brewing Company began serving     Christmas Ale in their west side brew pub.

Several dozen beer lovers, decked out in red and green and  sporting Christmas apparel, listened to owner Pat Conway read the  winning poem of the brewery’s Christmas Ale Poetry Contest.  Authors Jason Stitt and Michael Hagesfeld collaborated on the  poem that earned them the first poured glasses of this year’s  batch of Christmas Ale.

“The poem flowed within ten minutes of even finding out about the  contest because it was so easy to write,” said Stitt.

“I put together the ending,” added Hagesfeld. “But he put  together the poem so he gets most of the credit.”

In the spirit of Christmas, workers dressed as elves and even  Santa Claus and Mr. Jingeling showed up to kick off the  festivities.

Conway explained why Christmas Ale is so special in the hearts of  beer lovers.

“We buy 20 semis of 55 gallon drums of honey to make this beer.  We cut the ginger ourselves and we bring in cinnamon from  Indonesia and so it is truly one of the most memorable  beers.”

Customer Bruce Schneider likes it because “it’s just a unique  taste and it makes you feel good.”  Barb Schneider enjoys  “the taste of honey, and whatever they put in it is just  wonderful.”

The holiday brew is only available on tap at the company’s west  side brew pub. Bottles of Christmas beer will go on sale to the  general public after Halloween.



This  has to be the craziest bikini idea ever but then who can blame designers for  being crazy. After all, it is this out-of-box thinking on which this fraternity  thrives. So, here is presenting the ‘Bottle Betty’ line of swimwear with, what  else, a ‘bottle opener.’ Yes, so, now if you are looking to open a bottle of  beer or soda while at the beach, all you have to do is strip down to your  swimwear and pop the bottle open. The admiring stares that you get after that  will just be the bonus!


This bikini has taken food and fashion to new heights and it is already being  called all things from “new, bold, innovative” to “sexy, stylish, and fun.” It  was in Valencia, a town just outside the Los Angeles county, which is also the  hometown of the ‘Bottle Betty’ owners, that they got the idea to create the  bottle-opening bikini. When you have to pop bottles right from the backyard  swimming pools to roadside rivers, you may want to have a bottle opener  handy.

The bottle opener lies just  between the breast cups of the bikini top as well as on the hip. So, in case you  want to go topless, you know, you can without the fear of losing out on this ‘facility.’ Speaking in favor of the new product, Co-owner of ‘Bottle Betty’, Michelle Sommers said, “Our Bottle Betty product is meant to be fun from both  ends. Men find the product sexy and inviting and women find the product useful,  stylish, and a great conversation starter.” Her partner, Co-owner Jennifer  Kinney pitches in, “Our research shows the only new in decades within the  swimwear industry has been from design or fabrics. In today’s economy, Bottle  Betty gives the consumer a new spin on swimwear that will entice them to spend  their precious dollar on a new suit.”

Read more at http://www.ifood.tv/blog/is-your-bikini-ready-to-pop#KpchYotLPXTPugCj.99

How it works

Simply place the Beer or Wine Tjiller in your freezer (it reaches it’s coldest temperature in 8 hours, so overnight for best results), take out & enjoy!

Tjiller Home Page

The Tjiller is made from a hard polystyrene outer shell, which acts to insulate an inner-layer of patented gel, which can be cooled to very low temperatures. On the inside of the Tjiller (the part that touches the can, bottle or glass) there is an aluminum membrane, which releases the cold from the gel very slowly, hence why it is able to keep drinks cold for so long (up to 9 hours for the Wine Tjiller). There are other coolers that you can freeze, however, they only last a couple of hours at the most. What’s more, they soak the table with condensation. The Tjiller on the other hand, has zero condensation.

The Brew Kettle Home Page


Tracy     Happy that it’s Friday eve.

Bill          Mood.  Yes.  I have one, I don’t know what it is.

Emily     Content, relaxed

Jeff        Tired but happy


Jeff        Not as bity as I expected.  Very smooth.    ***SCRIBE NOTE:  IS THAT HOW YOU SPELL BITE-Y?  BITEY?  BITY?***

Bill          Oooh, I’m in love.

Tracy     Strong

Emily     Whoa



Jeff        I really like it.  I really like it.  Squared.  Would be very good with a big f#$%ing burger

(Bill interjects) Or a big bleeding streak

Tracy     Not sure.  Not sure that this is a good time

Emily     This is really {struggling for word} um, something?



Jeff        I will buy this whenever I can find it!  And you only need one Cock Push-Up but four of these is all you need.

Bill          I know where to find it, I will buy it.  And do.

Tracy     I will walk past that in a heartbeat.

Emily     And I will sprint.





Tracy     Happy that it’s Friday eve.

Bill          Mood.  Yes.  I have one, I don’t know what it is.

Emily     Content, relaxed

Jeff        Tired but happy



Tracy     Yummy!!

Bill          For a fruit beer, not bad, not too obnoxiously sweet.

Emily     A little weird.  Smells great, though.

Jeff        Strong blueberry but not overpowering.  Sweet.



Tracy     (Opts not to comment, this is the beer she brought for our approval)

Bill          It has a nice aftertaste.

Emily     I agree (see Bill)

Jeff        I could drink more than one of these, I do like it.  I’m not going to lie.



Bill          This is the first fruit beer I can say I actually like.  Most fruit beers I wouldn’t wash my hubcaps with.

Emily*   [Whispering] I don’t need to have this again.  Don’t tell them.

Jeff        I could drink a six-pack of this shit.

Tracy     F%^& yeah I could!! (see Jeff).


*Doesn’t care for blueberry

Railbender Ale Review

Railbender Ale Homepage- Erie Brewing Co.



Bill S.:   Awesome

Monica G : unknown

Kurt : Semi-in the bag

Scott A: Unknown

Jeff: About a 6 pack in

Bill F: unknown



Bill S: &^$%#%   Malt

Monica: Bitter Taste, Bitter Finish

Kurt: Thick, Carmel and Dark

Scott A:  Nasty

Jeff : OK – Smooth,a bit too sweet

Bill F : Not a Fan


Overall Rating……..

Bill S : Good! The Malt stays with it … 3 out of 5

Monica: Don’t like it….  2 out of 5

Kurt : Aroma is better than the taste…    1 out of 5

Scott : Nasty..  Who would drink an entire bottle of this …..?

Jeff : Really not bad!  4 out of 5 or 6

Bill F :  Too Malty and sweet.  2 out of 5