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The Lois Beer Club

Viewing life through the bottom of a Pilsner Glass

Category : Beer in the News

You’re a beer drinker. It’s been a steaming summer, but a nice craft brew just won’t do it. You want simple. And you want to keep an eye on your wallet.

You want a budget beer.

With the dog days of summer in mind, we embarked on a challenge: Find and review a month’s worth of low-cost, simple beers. Are they all the same? Are some better than others? Do they all look alike? We found the answers: No, yes and pretty much.

We learned a few things along the way. Almost everyone — from beer snobs to casual drinkers — has a memory of these mostly long-established beers. People often told us, “I remember drinking that when . . .” Or “That’s the beer we used to buy when . . .”

About our methodology: We tried to avoid light or ice versions of these beers. We stuck mostly to lagers. All the selections are brewed in the United States and, despite some being regional beers, can be found at Northeast Ohio retailers. All are 12-ounce cans or bottles unless noted.

To see all our reviews, go through the photo gallery. See links below for our overall remarks.


Description: Free beer!  OK, so they’re not free. But they are cheap, and some are even worth drinking. Plain Dealer beer expert Marc Bona and Akron Beacon Journal brewmeister Rick Armon sampled a month’s worth of what they call “budget beers” — 31 low-cost, and often low-flavor, brews. Here’s their report.

See The Reviews in the Photo Gallery

SchlitzSchaeferOld Milwaukee

Little Kings Cream AleMickey's Big MouthExtra Gold

…Or something else to write about when the world gets sick of hearing about how “hemp” can save the human race. (editors note)


1. Remove the label to make an instant, easy vase. And you may be thinking,“Booooooring!”, but before you dismiss the idea, just imagine this: A long, rustic wooden table scattered with dozens of green glass bottles, each one holding just a few white flowers. Pretty elegant right? Or, how about a dozen clear bottles hanging from wire, suspended in trees, with a big beautiful bloom in each one. Perfectly whimsical for a homespun garden party, no?



2. Remove the label to make an instant, easy candle holder. Just the same as above, this concept goes from “dorm” to “decadent” by keeping just a few things in mind: 1) Large groupings add a dramatic effect. Try covering a table, mantle, or hearth. 2) Choose colors and shapes that tell a story. All the same color or a slapdash mix? Tall clear bottles or squat little brown ones? Each choice will evoke a different feeling. 3) Try styling in unexpected ways, such as the suspended vases mentioned above.
3. Remove the label and wash the bottle well, then use it to store or serve your kitchen liquids, like oils, vinegars, or even dish soap or hand soap. You’ll just need a few of those stopper/pourer tops — cheap at any kitchen supply store. The dark bottles are great for protecting oils, which react to light.
By the way, the best use of an empty beer bottle has always been a quick portable ashtray or a jagged multi-colored self defense system.

Budweiser Homepage

Budweiser is on the verge of releasing a new, higher-alcohol line of beers, AdAge reports, which could be available in time to be promoted in a big commercial during the Super Bowl.

The new line of beers will be called “Black Crown,” and was first announced at a private meeting with investors in Budweiser parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev on Monday. Black Crown will likely to be available in stores by early 2013, about a year after the company unleashed its successful Budweiser Platinum,  which also higher in alcohol than normal Bud.

Anheuser-Busch InBev has apparently already gotten approval on its label plans from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. As for what’s inside the bottle, it’s alleged to be a “distinctively smooth [...] golden amber lager.” It’s unclear how exactly that makes it different from traditional Budweiser, which is billed as “the great American lager.”

A Pizza Beer?  Beer made with oysters?  These are not beers for the meek, that’s for sure.

See the entire article here

And you thought adding hints of blueberry and flavors of pumpkin to your brew was unique? Check out this list of 10 bizarre beers and you’ll be thinking that cherry ale is as boring as water.
Pizza Beer
Pizza Beer was created by Tom and Athena Seefurth in Campton Township, Illinois, when they had a surplus of tomatoes. The process of creating this brew involves mashing a Margarita pizza and steeping it. The essence of the pizza spices is washed off and put in a brewpot to boil. Hops and spices are added, the liquid is fermented, and, after a week or two, your pizza beer is good to go.



porterhouse oyster beerPorterhouse Oyster Stout
This beer, created by the Porterhouse Brewing Company in Ireland, is not suitable for vegetarians, as it is literally brewed with oysters. Other components include grains such as pale malt, roast barley, black malt, and flaked barley as well as hops like Galena, Nugget, and East Kent Goldings.
Bacon Beer
Bacon Beer, which has actual bacon in it, is a creative brew created by Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver. To create this beer, Oliver infuses a brown ale with the flavor of bacon fat using a method known as “fat washing”. Because the entire process is so complicated, it is an expensive $350 a taste, according to Daniel Maurer at NBC New York. However, Oliver is attempting to simplify the process in order to make the beer more affordable to beer drinkers

Spooky Beer for Halloween


Unibroue Maudite This Quebeçois Belgian-style brewery’s Maudite amber ale takes its name from an old legend in which eight woodsmen who wanted to be home for the holidays offered their souls to the devil for a trip back (by way of flying canoe, no less).

Moorhouse’s Black Cat Dark Ale From Lancashire in England, this malty, surprisingly light-bodied dark ale has appealing roasted and chocolate flavors. Plus, it’s got a somewhat dour-looking black cat staring out at you from the label. In truth, the cat looks more disapproving than spooky, but you know – Halloween, black cats. It’s a classic pairing.

Left Coast VooDoo I’d say any label that features a top-hatted skeleton leering over the name of the beer qualifies as on target for Halloween. VooDoo is a pretty potent stout, 8.5% alcohol, darn near black in color, with a lot of coffee and molasses character.

Read the whole story at Eatocracy



It’s officially the beginning of the Christmas season for  Cleveland beer lovers. The Great Lakes Brewing Company began serving     Christmas Ale in their west side brew pub.

Several dozen beer lovers, decked out in red and green and  sporting Christmas apparel, listened to owner Pat Conway read the  winning poem of the brewery’s Christmas Ale Poetry Contest.  Authors Jason Stitt and Michael Hagesfeld collaborated on the  poem that earned them the first poured glasses of this year’s  batch of Christmas Ale.

“The poem flowed within ten minutes of even finding out about the  contest because it was so easy to write,” said Stitt.

“I put together the ending,” added Hagesfeld. “But he put  together the poem so he gets most of the credit.”

In the spirit of Christmas, workers dressed as elves and even  Santa Claus and Mr. Jingeling showed up to kick off the  festivities.

Conway explained why Christmas Ale is so special in the hearts of  beer lovers.

“We buy 20 semis of 55 gallon drums of honey to make this beer.  We cut the ginger ourselves and we bring in cinnamon from  Indonesia and so it is truly one of the most memorable  beers.”

Customer Bruce Schneider likes it because “it’s just a unique  taste and it makes you feel good.”  Barb Schneider enjoys  “the taste of honey, and whatever they put in it is just  wonderful.”

The holiday brew is only available on tap at the company’s west  side brew pub. Bottles of Christmas beer will go on sale to the  general public after Halloween.

Oktoberfest Beer Milkshakes…

Red Robin goes a little beer crazy with a new beer milkshake this year in celebration of Oktoberfest. The alcoholic concoction is made with creamy soft serve, Samuel Adams’ Oktoberfest draft beer, vanilla, and caramel. If it sounds like something that tickles your fancy (and you’re 21 or over), it’s available at Red Robin restaurants until November 11, 2012.
To accompany the shake, Red Robin suggests Warm Pretzel Bites, warm, soft pretzel bites served with Merkts beer cheese dip and tangy beef mustard.
Additionally, Red Robin is also offering a new “Pub Crawl Style” available to customize their $6.99 Tavern Double for a $1 upcharge. The Pub Crawl Style Tavern Burger comes topped with Merkts beer cheese spread, beer mustard-onions, and bacon to go with the standard lettuce and tomatoes.

How to make a Guinness Beer Milkshake (Click Here)

How to Make a Guinness Beer Milkshake thumbnail

50 Strange Beer Names

Mainstream beer names are nothing special (Budweiser? What’s a ‘Budweiser’?). On the other hand, there are a slew of foreign and domestic microbreweries that produce some really hilariously named beers. Have you ever drank an Arrogant Bastard Ale or a Seriously Bad Elf? We found some of the funniest beer names out there and want you to submit your own. If you think you can top Santa’s Butt Porter then bravo!

Great American Beer Festival

Boulder, CO • October 13, 2012—The 2012 Great American Beer Festival®(GABF) competition awarded 254 medals to some of the best commercial breweries in the United States. Presented by the Brewers Association, GABF is the largest commercial beer competition in the world

Great American Beer Festival Web Site

Most Expensive Beers

Sapporo’s Space Barley

Price: $110/six-pack ABV: 5.5%


In 2006, Japanese and Russian scientists tested how well barley could grow in  space. They rocketed barley seeds to the International Space Station and planted  them aboard the Zvezda Service Module. After spending five months in orbit, the  fourth-generation of barley was brought back to earth, where Japanese brewer  Sapporo fermented it into the world’s first space beer. A six-pack costs  $110—not bad, considering it was imported from the cosmos.

If you’d like a cheaper space brew, try 4pines Vostok Space Beer.  The stout is the first zero-gravity  beer. Not only is it drinkable in space, but it’s cheaper, too: $20 for a  six-pack. It’s perfect for anyone who’s dreamt of imbibing where no man has  imbibed before

Still Thirsty??   Heres 9 more expensive brews